About Birth and Women’s Center – Dallas

Providing prenatal care in the form of exercise education, psycho-social support, physical exams, and nutritional counseling, the Birth and Women’s Center in Dallas, Texas, has helped women prepare for childbirth in the healthiest manner since 1993. Founded by Cherie Boettcher, who has participated in more than 3,000 births, this organization is dedicated to the overall health and wellbeing of mother and child throughout its clients’ entire pregnancies. Once a patient goes into labor at the Birth and Women’s Center, the midwife allows her to situate herself in whatever position is most comfortable for birth. Many women choose to walk around, sit down, or sit in water during labor to ease the stress and any pain associated with parturition, and they can rest assured that the midwives on staff are more than capable of handling any of the medical complications that sometimes arise in childbirth.

While prenatal and during-labor care are sometimes thought of as the most important treatments involved in a pregnancy, the Birth and Women’s Center is just as devoted to accurate and thoughtful postpartum care for patients. This includes psychosocial support, a circumcision option for those who choose to circumcise their baby boys, and evaluation treatments for the baby’s health. Along with these postpartum treatment options, the Birth and Women’s Center of Dallas provides gynecological services like preconception counseling, pap tests, breast exams, annual pelvic exams, and family planning consultations.

The two midwives on the Birth and Women’s Center staff have welcomed thousands of healthy babies into the world. Beverly Hook, who has been involved at the clinic since its establishment 18 years ago, recently became a Certified Professional Midwife. Cherie Boettcher possesses a Master’s-level certificate in Midwifery from the State University of New York, and she previously worked as a Registered Nurse in a hospital, adding to her comprehensive level of experience.


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